Welcome to Hypnotic
Hypnotic Image studios is the brainchild of highly talented industry artists Nikolay Kulishev and Georgi Mitkov. Based in London's creative heartland, we produce memorable and engaging visual content - from a single still image to a full movie action sequence, our team of artists always produce outstanding results.
Why choose us?
With over 30 years of combined experience in the CGI industry, we have worked on all aspects of digital content production.
We've delivered projects for some of the largest and well known Global brands and our technical knowledge combined with exceptional creative expertise ensure that we are the preferred choice in a crowded and highly competitive market.
We’re passionate about the work we produce and the reputation of our company and are practiced at finding creative solutions for challenging projects. We analyze your brief and apply technical innovation, creative thought and analytical problem solving to produce mind-blowing visuals.
Our studio workflows have been developed to maximize upon total flexibility - to expand and contract depending on the project scale and timeline. We are often called upon to act as an "invisible" partner by other studios and are frequently brought in to manage the technical "heavy-lifting" on more challenging jobs.
However, that said, we are just as happy working direct to client, via their agency or as a "white label" supplier to other studio partners within the creative industry.
Our business model allows us to be adaptable and to use innovation to introduce project efficiencies. These could range from the use of the very latest software through to devising alternative production processes in order to deliver on time and within budget. We've learned that no single creative job is the same and we take great pride in managing each one in the most effective way which ensures that maintaining client satisfaction is key in everything we do.
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