Hypnotic Image Creative

(HIC) is our concept development group, taking the most basic idea and returning a complete creative brief with solutions tailored to match the mind-set of the target customer.

We use creative theme development in order to help realize the campaign “big idea”- whilst at the same time, enhancing the key messaging, with a careful eye on brand adherence and identity.

HIC is normally the first point of client contact with the business and works closely with the studio team in order to prepare costs and timing for every new project.

Hypnotic Image Studio

(HIS) is our secure production arm, with a flexible and expandable team of technical directors, 2D and 3D artists.

We use the latest CGI pipelines , the same as those used by high end post production houses throughout the industry.

Our bespoke project management workflow has been developed, tested and proven in Film, TV and Stills and VR

Our studio services range through Rigging and Animation to 3D modelling, lighting rendering and Post production. 

We also excel working on VFX projects for television and film and this typically includes full 3d environment build and integration with live action material.